Thursday, June 27, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day 117 What Day Is It?

I hope you haven't given up on me. I'm so busy these days sometimes I really have no idea what day it is. Right now I'm in St Louis, MO to lead worship for a breakfast for authors and speakers sponsored by author and speaker Carol Kent. Carol does an amazing job of connecting people together and giving them a chance to network. I think this is the 4th time I've done this event for her. Over the years I now know some of the authors and speakers from attending each year. It's a good chance to reconnect and hear updates on their ministries.

I did have a little bit of time to walk the floor of the International Christian Retail Show (formerly known as the Christian Booksellers Convention). This is the place where hopeful writers connect with publishers and there are many book signings for newly released books. You can walk away with autographed books hot off the press. I usually come home with a suitcase full of free books signed by the authors. This trip is no different. I have a good book I'm anxious to read on the fight home. It's a story about a woman who spent 50 weeks in hiding in the Ukraine just to adopt a child from there. I ate dinner with her last night and heard part of the story. I hear it's a real page turner. Until We All Come Home is the name of the book by Kim De Blecourt.

Last week I traveled to Nashville, again, to do a photo shoot for the Christmas album. That was like playing dress up. I arrived at 11:00 am at the photographer's studio to have my hair and make up done. Then I started putting on the 3 outfits we picked out. In between every outfit was a hair and make up touch up. It was just like being a little girl.

I started that morning in usual fiasco style, however. After a wonderful early morning walk and jump rope routine through a lovely section of Brentwood, TN (the homes there were unlike many I've seen) I came back to the house where we were staying and as I was getting ready, bumped my new bottle of make up onto the floor, broke the glass and splattered foundation all over the floor, wall and my foot. Have you ever tried to clean up foundation off of your toes? It's not made to come off very easy - that's for sure!

Then, I put on my nice white capris and we headed off to meet my producer for breakfast before the photo shoot. At Meridees in Franklin, I spilled coffee, multiple times, on my capris. I just shook my head in disbelief. Nothing like coffee stains all over the white background of my clothing.

Fortunately the photo shoot was NOT a fiasco and was a very pleasant experience. I won't post any photos yet because there are over 500 to choose from and I have no idea which ones will be chosen for the project. We are thinking about calling the project "Christmas in Black and White". I can't wait to see the finished product now that I know what some of the photos look like.

The photographer had a 10 week old puppy that stole the show! He brought a lot of laughter during the shoot. I'll close with a photo of Eizio the dog and the beautiful grand piano I was able to use this morning at the Speak Up breakfast in the crystal ballroom in St. Louis.

Today I will fly to Grand Rapids MI to lead worship and do a concert for Carol Kent's Speak Up With Confidence Conference. The merry go round continues. But I've always loved merry go rounds.


  1. I loved Carol Kent's book - When I Lay My Isaac Down. Would love to hear her speak sometime.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      You should get the next 2 books after that to read the rest of her story. She has definitely blessed many lives...mine included!

    2. Thought I sent a reply last night - but it's not showing up. ???? Anyway, thanks for the suggestion of those other books. I will be checking them out.

      Your visit to the booksellers convention made me envious. Several years ago I attended on in Hershey with Neva Barrick and ended up getting Michael Card's "Luke" book - autographed.

      I'm enjoying your posts on FB and now your blog. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  2. Thanks for the info. I will definitely check out those books. Also was somewhat envious of you getting to booksellers convention. Several years ago I went to one with Neva Barrick and met Michael Card. Got an autographed copy of his Luke book. Exciting! I'm enjoying your posts on FB and now will be able to enjoy your blogs also.