Friday, August 23, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day 132 Green and White

Today I worked on getting all the files ready for Portraits of White to send to the engineer who will begin mixing all the Christmas music.  Portraits Of White is a fun song - stacked 106 tracks of vocals -
It's my Frances version of Enya and I love it!  All the vocals were done in my studio so I could focus on getting all the tracks I want for this piece.

It meant a phone call to TN to talk with Ronnie the engineer and clarify the lingo - consolidate files, set to zero, keep the pan settings and put them in the Dropbox as a WAV file in stereo separated by lead and harmony, file with reverb and one without reverb. 

Whew - I sent them off - hope they are right.  I'm sure he will let me know!

Ronnie Brookshire mixes most of my music and he's another Grammy winner who works magic to music.  Artists like Michael W. Smith, Nicole Nordeman, CeCe Winans, etc., appear on his client list. But when he answered the phone he was as friendly as a southern gentleman and I knew he would make sure I understand all the tech stuff to make this great.  A cordial "I feel like we're leaving ya to the dogs" comment wrapped up our conversation and I laughed.  I'm in good hands.

Other stuff on the agenda today?  

Green beans blanched and in the freezer
Learning how to organize my life with Evernote (a green app)
Listening to a new podcast I really like (while I did my 1200 jumps and 50 minute walk) called "The 5 a.m. Miracle"
Recording vocals for the last song on the project "Sing A Song Of Joy"
Practice the piano
Financial matters for my mother 

Time to rest.

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