Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 136 Staying focused

A friend of mine recently told me that after doing her exercise routine, she had determined that she would go home and eat cottage cheese and some fresh fruit.  She, like me, is trying to lose some weight and make healthier food choices.

The whole group of us erupted in laughter when she said one moment she was thinking about cottage cheese and the next moment she found herself at Wendy's ordering a bacon cheeseburger.  

I guess we laughed so hard because we could all relate.

How is it that our brain so easily gives in to our old habits and routines even when we are trying to establish new ones?

Well, I'm trying desperately to stay focused.  Each morning I get up at 5:00 and spend some time in quiet prayer and study, then catch up on emails and work on music stuff until it's time to exercise.  I HAVE to keep my mind on track or next thing I know I'll be checking Facebook, cleaning the bathroom or anything to avoid staying on track.

Right now - I am trying hard to get these Christmas song files in the right configuration for Ronnie the engineer.  I had to re-do them yet AGAIN.   After that, my computer is sitting with about 7 songs that have been mixed and are awaiting my approval.

That's on my to do list for tomorrow.  Stay focused girl!!!

Here's a link to a podcast that is really helping me do this called "The 5 A.M. Miracle".

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