Friday, September 27, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 140 JOY!

Day # 140.  Another milestone!

Typing more lyrics for my CD insert this morning. As part of the celebration, I thought I would show you what I'm doing.  In the insert, you will see the lyrics to the songs and a short story behind the song. I have found that people still enjoy reading the lyrics and hearing how the song came about.

These days, while I exercise, I'm listening to the mixes and the sound tracks so that the new arrangements begin to get into my soul as I prepare to share it on small stages this Christmas in prep for the big one next year.

If you'd like to schedule me to come to your venue to share the new music this year, let me know!  I'd love a chance to 'practice' in a small way what I will do in a big way next year.  I'm already booking some shows now and I'm excited!

Here's a sample of what will appear in my CD insert.  The song is another song done in the "Enya" style with multiple tracks of vocals all singing as one.

Song of Joy

Someone asked me to write a song about joy based on a scripture from Isaiah 35 for Advent.  This is what I came up with.  Since I don’t typically write about joy (yes, I need to work on that) it was a real treat to finally write something happy.  I enjoy singing this song.

Even the desert will be glad and the wilderness rejoice 
when the Lord comes near      
then blinded eyes will start to see and the deaf ears they will hear 
when the Lord comes near

Sing a song of hope sing a song of joy
when the glory of the Lord is near
sing a song of hope sing a song of joy
for the glory of the Lord is here

Then those who know the Lord will sing on the journey as they go 
when the Lord comes near
gladness and joy will overcome and the sorrow disappear 
when the Lord comes near (chorus)

Do not be afraid I bring you good news great joy to all to all the people
today in Bethlehem a savior is born he is Christ the Lord
he is Christ the Lord (chorus)

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