Friday, November 6, 2009

When The Flowers Fade

I like to wog around our block.  Somedays.  On beautiful sunny days like today.

Wog is my term for the combination of walk/jog that I do.  I walk until I feel energized, then jog until I feel like I'm going to die, then I walk again.

There's a beautiful home on the road that I walk.  They've had a beautiful showcase of petunias all summer long and I've admired them on every walk!

But recently I noticed the flowers were gone.  Before I had time to feel sad because winter is coming for sure, I saw some aspects of the landscape I had not seen before because I was always sidetracked by the flowers.

Without the flowers, the grey stone walls of the house show up more.  The black shutters are strikingly black, which show off the remaining flowers with their big red dinosaur-size blooms.

I had to think.  There are days when I feel like the flowers in my life are gone.  News of the death of a friend's baby, or a friend losing their job and having trouble finding a new one.

Over time though, from experience in my own life, I've observed that when one aspect of landscape is gone in our life, we somehow see some other parts more clearly. Things we took for granted before become really special.

Not everything fades when the flowers fade.

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