Monday, November 1, 2010

A Walk With My Father

I've been pondering how much the Father loves us lately.......more so than usual.

I have this incredible hunger to experience His love in deeper ways as I find deep holes in my soul that can only be filled with His love.

I went for a walk recently and my sole purpose in going was to imagine myself walking with Him.  I'm trying to talk to Him more and more as if He were right here with me ALL the time.  (I know that He my head, but my heart has a hard time 'getting it'.)
To really grasp His love, I have been contemplating what it means to be child-like.  As a child, my most favorite thing to do with my father was simply just be with him, no matter what we were doing. 

My walk on this day was a tangible way for me to 'be' with my heavenly Father.

I couldn't help but record some of the scenes we saw.  I knew when I got back home I wanted to write a piano song to go with the pictures. 

I want to share this home-made video and piano song with you.  As you listen and observe, may you find peace and sense the Father drawing you to come and walk with Him too.

To view the video click here.


  1. Oh, how He loves walking with you too, your Father's precious child. Just as you loved just gazing at your Father's beautiful creation, your Father smiles when He gazes at you; his beautiful and loved creation.Just as you played music over those amazing pictures on the video, He sings for joy over you;his work of art.

  2. Thank you Sue. His love is doing amazing things in me. Thanks for the encouragement!