Friday, January 25, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 45 Postponements and Podcasts

I was supposed to have lunch today with the Orchestra Conductor and his wife to discuss the upcoming project, but he e-mailed me yesterday to say he was feeling quite sick and didn't want me to get the germs.  I appreciate that!  So today, I spent the day creating another podcast episode, re-typing my business plan because I accidentally threw it out yesterday after posting it to my blog.  (How on earth does that happen?)  

I have had some great replies and offers to help from the post I did yesterday.

Thanks so much!  I'm making a list of everyone who offers to help in some way.  How exciting!

But just for a little change of pace - here's my latest podcast episode.

(Each of us is given a seed of some kind to nurture and watch come to fruition.  This episode continues part 2 of 3 parts from a message I gave at a church in Lancaster, PA in 2012.  I give 3 examples of people who had a 'seed' or 'word' from God in the Bible and what happened in their life in relation to the seed.  I also share the story of the first time I realized that I really had a seed inside of me.)

Check out this episode!

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