Saturday, January 5, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day 29

This can be such an up and down journey.

Yesterday was such a high, meeting with the orchestra conductor and dreaming about what could be. I went home with so much information and inspiration. So many questions. So many options. Which would be best?

Should I hire him to do all the arranging and orchestrating with the live show in mind and then take the score to Nashville and have them record what he arranged? I might have more input that way.

Or do I have the producer in Nashville do all the arranging and recording, then come home with a score that the conductor oversees for the live show?

This morning things seemed a bit more clear....seems to make sense to do it all in Nashville and then hire the conductor for the show. But I will know better after my trip to Nashville next week. This is the information gathering stage. I gather all the prices for all the options and then begin to make a plan.

I listened to the Christmas demo CD again this morning while I did my house cleaning. I was so inspired and charged by it all the other night. This morning I was struck with fear.

Taking your music to others for their listening and evaluating is very hard sometimes. I feel completely vulnerable at this stage of the journey.

How can someone feel so inspired to dream and conceive one moment and terrified another moment? Do they hear all the little nuances I hear - both good and bad? Can they catch my vision for what can be as they listen?

Too many's time for bed!

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