Friday, January 4, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day 28

Another amazing day.

Started out early having breakfast with a new found friend.  What a rich conversation.  I am continually amazed at the people God brings into my life and how He seems to order our steps, even when we're not sure He is.

This afternoon I met with the orchestra conductor and his wife in their home.  I heard him conduct an orchestra at an event back in the beginning of December and have been in touch via e-mail ever since.

He is going to orchestrate an arrangement of "Joy To The World" that I posted weeks ago.  I will be anxious to hear what he does with the song.   I decided, after meeting with him for a couple of hours and feeling quite comfortable, that I would hire him to do this song.

Though I arranged it on the piano, I envision playing it with other instruments.  I am not attached to what I've done on the piano, (at least I think I'm not) so I gave him complete freedom to run with it and will see (or hear) what happens.  I am learning that letting other people do what they do best can only bring about good things.

It was so inspiring to think that I've come this far in my musical journey. Approach a conductor???  Are you kidding? Some days I think "of course this is the next step!"  Other days I think "who on earth do I think I am......what am I thinking?"

This is a fun stage.   I feel like a toddler.  One minute I march forward with confidence, next minute I bump into a table and fall down and cry, wondering what I'm trying to do here.  Then I hear from some of you and am so glad to know that I am not going this alone!

I will be excited to hear what he does.  "Does he hear what I hear?".....oh....that's a christmas tune isn't it.

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