Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 33 The Circus

In keeping with my elephant theme, let me just say that yesterday was a circus. I was the trapeze artist flying from one thing to the next (or being thrown)...along with the others of course. I won't bore you with details, but I will let you know that someday my friend and I might want to write a book called 'The Nashville Fiascos'.

Hey, that sounds like a band name.....wheels are turning.

Here is only one example: the photographer we were supposed to have yesterday had to go to Indiana to help his father move into assisted living. This will be the third time I was supposed to work with him and it fell through.

The first time, I brought an entourage of people with me to experience the photo shoot with me....there were 4 of us girls. It was my first time to shop with an image consultant and that is another story. (Just picture Newville PA girl from a very conservative farming community shopping for current trends in Nashville.)

We were supposed to be shooting for the CD cover of 'Inside Things'.

The photographer's Aunt got ill and he had to cancel and go to Indiana to be with his family.

So we rescheduled and I came down to Nashville again. This time the photographer got trapped in a music festival outside of town and the police weren't allowing anyone to leave. He couldn't get out to do the shoot. He recommended someone else, so I went to the address I was given only to find out that he had relocated. No one thought to tell us that.

We made our way to the new location where the recommended replacement photographer was not yet moved in.

We did get the photo session done, but no one except you will probably ever know the fiasco we had.

So yesterday when I got an email saying the photographer had to suddenly go to IN for a family emergency, I proclaimed out loud that I'm just not meant to work with him. He's supposed to be one of the most artistic photographers in town, but I will never know from personal experience.

All that aside, we had a great time mingling with other artists connected with Creative Soul Records, getting our pictures taken and recording our songs with Phil Naish....a very easy guy to work with! I thanked him for all his contribution to christian music over the decades. Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael name a couple. What an honor to work with him. Like many folks down here, he is extremely gifted and very easy going.

As a young girl, I would listen to music he produced and be moved by it. Now, to work with him while pursuing my own music path is an indescribable experience and one that I am more than grateful for. When you hear the song 'Nobody Sees' you will be hearing the writing of Frances Drost and Darwin Moody (another writer in town) and the amazing arranging and producing of Grammy award winner Phil Naish.

Circus and all, it was a great day.

Some talk of my Christmas project, but too much to write. Maybe I'll save it for a day when I'm back home in Newville missing the excitement of this town and need some encouragement.

I ate breakfast first today. I'm ready for my meeting at 9:00 with another potential producer who isn't even 30 yet and hasn't been at this as long as Phil, but he came highly recommended by Ed Cash and I have already met with him once and like what he does. I've hired him to do one of the Christmas songs. I feel like it will be the best way to know if we are a good fit for each other. A producer basically helps you present your babies to the world for audition. They are a very important part of the journey.

After I meet with him, we will go back and join the circus again for the second day. Even though my other artist friend, Leslie, and I don't need to record today, we will hang out with those who do.

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