Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 76 Waiting and Praying

Tomorrow we will track 2, maybe 3 songs. It's an exciting process and I'll join in through Skype.

The band will listen to my homemade demos and then come up with a professional version of it. I've been a part of this process before (in person) and it is amazing to watch.

Tonight I finished some flower bed prep that I started over the weekend and as I pruned, I prayed.

"Father, be with Eric, Dave Cleveland (guitar), Dan Needham (drums), Mark Hill (bass) and Jeff Roach (keyboard). As they record the song 'Night of Miracles', I pray that Your presence would be there. Make the song come alive and use it to encourage people to believe in miracles again. When people hear the song someday soon, may their hearts be drawn back to the Christmas story to take another look and realize how miraculous it truly was. I pray that miracles would take place when people listen.

As they work on 'Sing A Song Of Joy', I pray that the band would capture the Spirit of Joy in the song. When people experience the song in my concerts or in their car, may a spirit of joy come on them. May joy bubble up and lead to hope for better things to come. May Your glory rest on listeners and transform our lives. I pray that blind eyes will see and deaf ears will be opened just as it mentions in the scriptures and in the song. Just like the days when You were here walking on the earth, please touch people in very physical ways, through the music.

"Even the desert will be glad
And the wilderness rejoice
When The Lord comes near
Then blinded eyes will start to see
And the deaf ears, they will hear
When The Lord comes near

Sing a song of hope
Sing a song of joy
When the glory of The Lord is near
Sing a song of hope
Sing a song of joy
For the glory of The Lord is here."

And then there is the "MOPs" song. Mothers of Preschoolers. Father, I ask that when young moms hear this song, they would be able to laugh and be lifted for a moment from the pressures of life and motherhood and just step back and find some humor in it all. Help the band to capture the quirkiness of this tune and make it lighthearted for audiences to enjoy. Laughter is good medicine - give us a good dose of it through this song.

Help everything to work well tomorrow in the studio - no glitches, no setbacks or mechanical malfunctions!

Thank you for working through prayer and that even though I can't be there in person, You ARE and that can be enough."


My kitty looks up with anticipation. Just like me!

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