Thursday, March 14, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 78 Post-Tracking Day Blues

This morning I got up with the blues.  The 'post-tracking day' blues.

The very first time I recorded in a studio, it was near Valley Forge, PA.  I had been recruited for a radio broadcast program to accompany a singer from Nashville on a recording project.  It was the most amazing experience I had ever had musically.  I was so high for days afterward that my husband finally looked at me one day and said "are you EVER going to come down???...I need you HERE!!!".

It took me weeks (at least that's what it seemed like) to recover.  I determined from that day on that whatever it took, I would somehow get back into that studio and do more of whatever 'that' was that I had just experienced, even if I had to offer to clean the toilets to get in.

You can hear more of that story on my Inside Things podcast.  Episode # 12 "A harp, willow, van and bird!"

Needless to say, that began a journey of managing the cycles of having such adrenaline rushes from recording to getting back into real life shortly afterward.  I think I've learned how to ride the ride, but I still have twinges of it and this morning was one of those times.  I love being a part of recording so much that it takes me a while to re-enter life afterward.  I still cry sometimes when I leave Nashville.

A good dose of catch-up work in the studio in between doctor visits with 2 special people in my life snapped me back into reality pretty quick.

By the way, I should report that today I went with Tom to the doctor and he got some of his stitches out from his operation...but not all.  More come out on Tuesday.  It's still a struggle, but over time he is able to do a little bit more each day on his own.  It's been hard to see him go through this, but I am absolutely sure that I did the right thing by staying home this week.  We need each other.

This afternoon I took my mother to the doctor and again, realized that it would have been terribly uncomfortable for anyone else to have to take her other than me.  It just wouldn't have been fair to her.  It's good I stayed home from TN on so many levels.

I have 13 events coming up in April that I need to be preparing for and more booking details coming in.  I have to keep up with my system of making sure all the information shows up in all the places it should to keep me organized and I've been behind on that this week.  As of tonight, I think I have everything on my calendars and sites as it needs to be.

I also got a request this week to write and record a special song for two different little girls.  One of them is the sister of a girl I wrote one for years ago for Songs of Love.  The mother decided after all these years that the sister who hasn't had a disability deserves to have a song about her too.

The other request came from Songs of Love saying someone specifically requested me to write a song for their daughter.  I must have written one for someone else in their family years ago.  Can't remember.....too many children...too many songs later.  I will try to squeeze it in between everything else going on in my life.  These songs really touch the hearts of those who receive them and it's an important part of what I do.

So here at the end of the day, my post-tracking day blues are slowly changing color.

Blue isn't always such a bad color.

My studio is blue and I love it!

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