Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 94 Delay

After sitting in the Harrisburg airport for 4 hours, we were finally able to be redirected to another city. (My bass player is along too). Bad weather in Detroit, MI shut down the airport and cancelled flights. No one was allowed to fly in or out. We were beginning to wonder if we would ever leave Harrisburg.

Now, sitting in Charlotte, we will soon board the plane for Denver, CO. It's the down side of traveling to gigs. You never know what might happen. I've learned when I have to fly to an event that it always pays to go a day early.

I tried to use some of the time to reflect on the show and how I want to arrange the songs. It's hard to concentrate though. Flying wears me out pretty easily and as soon as there are cancellations and delays, I feel pretty brain-dead....trying to rethink what we will do and how we will get there.

I studied a chart I follow that my live show producer has helped me use over the years and it works really well. It's a kind of map that I follow when I put together a concert. It probably won't make sense to you, but at least you see what helps me in the process.

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  1. Sorry about your flight... A cool front is coming through Carlisle now, by way of the Midwest, so we're having the bad weather now. Your chart is interesting. I knew there was an art and science to performances - I just didn't know the details. Thanks for sharing. I think anyone could think through a chart like that for something they are trying to accomplish....