Monday, April 29, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 100 Caught in the middle!

I was hoping Day 100 would be the thrilling announcement.  Keep praying and (a-hem) mark your calendars anyway.  November 23.  Help me pray that it all comes together for that date.

I presented my vision to another group of people Friday night and they all said they'd be there at the show!  So my group of supporters is growing and I can't wait to step up and say THIS IS IT!

Until then.....

I was able to talk with my producer Friday afternoon and the only way he can provide a score of the music we have so far (in the way the conductor would like) is to stop the creative process they are in right now.  They are cranking out the songs - that's for sure.  But not all the songs are completed, so he would have to stop what they are doing and focus on printing.  As you can understand, there is a flow to this thing and I certainly don't want to stop that.

Once all the songs are completed, we will still want to take a step back and make sure there is final cohesiveness and that all songs are as we want them.  It made sense to me.  But the conductor needs to see the score to know what musicians to hire.  If he can have that by the end of May, he assured me that we can get moving on this beast.  I can see his side too.

Somehow, I felt caught between two worlds.  The orchestral world and the Nashville recording world.  I'm the middle person between the producer of the CD and the conductor of the live show orchestra pieces.  It's not an easy place to be, but I am certainly learning to ask a ton of questions.  (I thought I already learned that lesson).

I'm still enjoying this whole process in spite of the twists and turns.  My producer promised that we could have the score by the end of May.  Time to do a dance.  That's progress.

Looks like I am booked to record vocals for the CD on May 23 and the week of June 18 at the studio of Phil Naish.  That was an exciting piece of news!  

I got to work with Phil in January on the single I'm doing for Creative Soul Records 15th anniversary project and he was very easy to work with.  Now I get to do the whole project with him.  This put some sunshine in my day in spite of the other delays.  Sounds like I'll also be doing a photo shoot in June.  Yikes!  It's coming together fast.

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