Thursday, May 2, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 103 Sparkles and Glitter

I was both thrilled and surprised by what I discovered in the little Christmas shop in 1999 when my husband was sick and preferring to be alone in our 'get away' room for our anniversary.

I stepped into the shop and my little girl eyes immediately filled with wonder. Ornaments of every size, color and kind were available. Hollywood celebrities, fairy tale name it - they were there. Everything was dressed up in sparkles and glitter.

I've always been drawn to sparkles. As a young girl, I wished to be the baton twirler in the front of the parade so I could wear the pretty sequin outfits. Another dream was to be a professional figure skater. I was always interested in the beautiful wardrobe they wore. Coming from a conservative home, none of that was possible of course. My backyard and the ice on the farm pond were as far as any parade was going to take me.

Now, years later, in this showy Christmas shop, it was the ornaments that captured my attention.....for a while. Then I began to be turned off by all of it. In fact, I stopped looking at all the pizzaz and began a focused search for something more 'real'.

And then, I spotted just what I was looking for.

(To be cont.)

The daily update on my project:

I finished a medley of Christmas carols this morning to be sent off to Nashville for orchestration - if we decide to do that. Right now we are on the fence - should it be just piano or add other instruments to it? It will probably depend on the creative juice of the arranger and how the other songs are coming together on the rest of the project. If all the other songs are real 'big' we might end up keeping it simple. I'll be curious to see how it progresses.

Someone emailed me this morning and suggested I give my mailing address where people could send donations toward the big show. I hadn't thought of that but I love the enthusiasm, so since it was suggested, here it is:
611 Greenspring Road
Newville, PA 17241

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