Thursday, April 25, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 98 Contacts!

Contacted my insurance company to find out the cost of liability insurance that I'll need for an event at Rose Lehrman's Performing Art Center.  (They require that!).

Contacted the Christian Student Fellowship Advisor at HACC and presented the idea of their group sponsoring my Christmas show event at Rose Lehrman's Performing Art Center.  It was received warmly. They meet tomorrow morning.  Since their previous advisor passed away this year, they need to appoint a new one and then my proposal can be passed on to that person.  Praying for favor!

Created a 'thank you' package to be dropped off at the conductor's house tomorrow.  He and his wife have been so helpful through this process (more than they know).  I will also drop off a CD of the music we have so far from TN.  It's a rough mix, but it should give a better idea of what musicians we will need.  I hope he'll give me a 'yes' to doing the show....tomorrow. 

Worked on my Day 100 to do list.  Surprise, surprise!

Enjoyed the moon as I left the studio tonight.  It's so bright.

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