Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 97 Fear or Trust?

Still trying to make a final decision about the show.  Fear is a stronghold right now.  A few thoughts about that.....

Inside Things:

When other people book me on their own initiative through word of mouth recommendations (which is how I get most of my bookings), that feels like a big stamp of approval.  But when I decide to initiate my own creative show and invite people to come, that takes everything to a new level - (I think that's one of the big things I face right now....the reckoning with the old voices that say it's vain to do this - I fought that same mind-set when I started singing my own songs instead of other people's).


From what I have figured out so far, just to use the venue, hire a sound and light company, orchestra and conductor, will cost $12,000.00.  Ticket sales alone will not cover this, unless I charge an unmentionable amount for tickets, which I won't do!  That can chase anyone away from a dream if nothing else will.

A remedy?:

As I've taken a few days off from the elephant diet to step back and really examine it closely (plus catch up from traveling so much lately) I realized that fear is the final giant I must face.  However, yesterday, I read an article in a leadership magazine with a phrase that caught my eye and began to release me from the clutches of fear:  "The only remedy for fear is trust."  Jeff Manion - Leadership Journal.  

Is it time for me to trust the desires God has placed inside of me, trust the One who gave me this gift in the first place and trust that as I take one step at a time I will end up where I hoped and have a great journey in the process and touch people with hope around the holidays?


Still getting caught up from being away in NY and CO....just paid sales tax for sales in CO and recorded my sales information in my files for accounting purposes.   

I've been doing music each night at a local church, after working at church all day...and preparing for a ladies' tea in Elizabethtown, PA this Saturday.  I'll be speaking and sharing music on the topic of "Working Out On the Inside Things" of my favorite subjects!  

I've been taking a break from blogging because of the busyness and feeling like any spare time I have right now should be used to spend time with my husband, even though it's very little time.  

I'm slowly working my way back into the groove of dieting....eating my elephant, that is.  

Took a few bites today: calls that will hopefully lead to contacts with HACC to see if their Student Assoc. will consider bringing me in as a guest artist (which could mean no charge for me to use their venue)
...researched more on-line about setting up ticket sales for the event through on-line services
...e-mailed conductor to get a final commitment from him about Nov. 23 (hope so!)
...e-mailed someone else for recommendations on conductors and concert masters in case I need a plan B

.....still going!

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