Friday, May 24, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day 108 Shopping

Yesterday I spent 3 hours with an image consultant here in Nashville who helps you identify the styles you like, what you wear well, what you don't like about your body, and how to prepare for a photo shoot. Ruffles, sparkles, flare, twirls...that's me. Glad to leave the jeans out of this one!

This isn't my first time to work with an image consultant so it felt a little bit easier than my first time. I never feel so self-conscious than when I am going to meet an image consultant for the first time. But she was easygoing and very pleasant to work with. I knew I was in good company when she changed from her high heels to sandals when we went shopping so her feet would be comfortable. It's so nice to have someone hand you stuff to try on and go get other sizes or outfits. I could just stand in the dressing room and wait for more clothes to model! Felt like a princess.

In a very short period of time, we had 3 outfits picked out for my upcoming photo shoot in June. We talked some about the show and what I should maybe consider wearing for that. She encouraged me to wear something different for the show than for the publicity shots. Interesting tidbits to learn about how industry folks think about these things.

We are going for a more elegant look for this project because of the nature of the music. Of course, I have always preferred elegance over casual, though I've learned to be casual. Can't really wear long gowns on motorcycle rides. At least it isn't practical!

Today we head to the Creative Soul Records conference at WORD. I'll get to see my producer and connect with other artists out there doing what I do. That in itself is always helpful.

Better go get dressed for the day!

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