Friday, November 13, 2009

No egg in this 'face' book today

It took a lot of persuasion for me to join myspace years ago.  A teenage friend of mine finally convinced me that I need to get with the program if I was going to communicate with her generation.  That's all it took.  I joined myspace.  After all, she even offered to set up my page for me.

Later when she told me 'facebook' was the new way to go, though I was a bit frustrated with having to join yet ANOTHER social network to keep up with her, I joined facebook and again, she set up the page for me.  (She's now in her twenties).

I have to say that I have fallen completely head over heels for facebook now.   I love communicating with people in this way.

But recently, I saw a new side to the face of facebook when I posted a link to a blog I wrote about having to take my mother's car away from her.  She's 86 and ready to give up driving, but it was a hard task for me.  (see earlier blog post)

She seems to be doing well with it, so that's not my reason for this blog.

The 'egg farm' from which my mother would go and buy delicious home-laid eggs posted a comment on facebook that they were aware that she was no longer going to be driving because she sent them a note in the mail to tell them she would no longer be able to come buy their eggs.

Another FB friend read the egg-farm comment and offered to pick up eggs from this farm for my now 'grounded' mother and drop them off right at her front door.

I just talked with her yesterday on the phone.  The FB friend had located her home, stopped to visit her and offered in person to pick up and deliver eggs right to her front door.  (They have been a long time family friend, so don't be spooked by this.  It's just that we have reconnected recently thanks to FB).

Those of us who grew up on a farm where we had fresh eggs understand that there's just nothing like fresh, home-laid eggs.

Thanks facebook for providing a way to show random acts of kindness just by a post on the wall.  No eggs in your face today.

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  1. what a smart teenage friend that was! :-) lol, yeah maybe this comment isn't all that anonymous after all.