Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 57 Friends

I'm so thankful for honest friends in my life.

Today my one bite was getting honest feedback from a friend I trust. She knows my weaknesses, my fears and yet fully believes in what I'm doing. She's walking the road of a solo artist too so she understands things like no one else can.

I'm getting close to needing to decide on a final producer for this project and I'm afraid. Different producers bring different things to the table. As we near the end of the first song (even though it's a rough mix) I have to make a decision.

Do I like their interpretation of my song?
What is the line between what I want it to be as the artist and what they bring with their expertise?
I'm the one who stands before my audiences and shares my heart.
They are the ones with the bigger music industry picture in mind. Where do the two meet?

This probably doesn't make sense to someone looking in, but it's quite a tension for me. Even after all these years of doing this.

So I turn to my friend who also travels this road. We sat and listened to the song today and talked about many things. The pros and cons of one producer over another. Technical things about the song itself and what she liked and didn't like. My own fears about this project.

It's not that I would ask 100 people their opinions because I'd probably get 100 different answers. That's not helpful. But one honest opinion from someone who knows me and knows the people I'm working with, goes a long way.

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