Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 72 Creating a Theme

"Take Another Look".

It's the theme that I'm rolling around in my heart for the Christmas show.

The holidays can be full of wonderful memories and moments.  They can also be full of disappointment and loneliness.  I've experienced both and I've written many of the CD tunes based on those experiences.  It's all based around one particular Christmas when I stepped back to "Take Another Look" at the holidays, the Christmas story, and my own expectations.  It was a life-changing year for me.  Now I want to put my story into an art form for others in the way of a CD and a show.

I need someone with a creative brain to help me put together story boards in order to create a short video that will capture the essence of the show.  The video will become part of my crowd funding project with Rocket Hub.  I heard a podcast recently from an on-line mentor of mine who used Rocket Hub instead of Kickstarter to fund a creative idea she had.  I've done research and have discovered that they seem like a better organization than Kickstarter for what I need.

I made a phone call tonight to someone who I believe could help me put together a video for Rocket Hub to help me raise funds to do this Christmas show.

It's just one more step.


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