Monday, March 4, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 70 "Ellie"

This is Ellie.  She's a beautiful glass, pink elephant, given to me by another friend who is coming along side me on this journey.  She told me "I hope when you look at her, you will always smile and know your journey is worthy every step."  I will!

It's Day # 70.  This is a milestone as far as I am concerned!

I can't believe I've kept at this so steadfastly.
I can't believe how far I've come by just doing a little bit everyday.
I can't believe the kindness and support of you who read this!

I decided that though my to-do lists are increasing, tonight I will take time to stop and celebrate.  They say that you should do that when you reach a goal.  I'm heading out to spend part of a gift card with a girlfriend and share dessert together while we chat and laugh and dream.  It's the best way I know of to celebrate Day # 70.  No work tonight.  Just play.

Thank you Father for wonderful friends and for the fact that You've brought me this far.

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