Friday, April 5, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day 90 Possibilities!

"If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy." - Dale Carnegie

I saw that posting this morning and thought to myself - well, that's exactly what I've been doing! I certainly think about many things, but I am putting feet to my thoughts. It is definitely one way to confront fears.

I got home very late last night from the event that I did and decided to blog today instead.
The venue I did last night was a packed event! It was amazing to hear stories from the mother of Tim Tebow. What an inspiration.

But even more touching than that, was the fact that one of my fans and now friend who also reads this blog was there and came up to my table asking me if I needed help, just about 3 minutes after I thought to myself, I sure could use some help! Thank you Gary and Annette! What a blessing at just the right time.

Now on to the time I spent at HACC, looking at their performing arts theatre. Lori has been very helpful and prompt in all of our communication so far and yesterday was no exception. It was easy to converse with her and ask lots of questions. That is a very key element for me in the venue I choose to use. I need these people to be on my team and I certainly got the feeling that she would be there to support me all the way.

They only advertise events that they have sponsored. That means all advertising is up to me (although they will hang posters on their campus if I supply them with posters). I asked if there is a possibility that they would sponsor me if I fill the venue and put on a quality show. I let her know that I'd like this to be an annual event and hope to build it over the years. They have never done that before and don't plan to in the future. I would like to see that change. We'll see.

Later on in our time together, she told me that if I could get the Christian student group on campus to sponsor the event, I wouldn't have to pay anything for using the Rose. Now isn't that an interesting possibility? I have not told her that I'm a Christian artist. Apparently she has been visiting my website. My goal in every encounter I have with people in this endeavor is to be professional and deliver quality in every way. If that sets a great example, so be it.

So as you can imagine, my mind is spinning some more and I already emailed her this morning to ask her what the name of the Christian student group is. I think I'll find out who the leader is, take them to lunch and see what comes of it.

The white cyst in my throat is gone, thank God!!! Still have a sore throat, but it doesn't seem to be getting worse. Today, I must turn toward my New York trip.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Things continue to move forward. I close with 2 photos from the event I did last night.
Faith Mayfield was one of the dancers at the banquet for Morning Star Pregnancy Services.
Her older sister used to dance to some of my songs for various events.

850 + people attended the Morning Star Pregnancy Services dinner.
Pam Tebow was the speaker and I did some of the music.

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