Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 110 Alterations

I sent a file of vocals to my producer early this morning for his approval or rejection.  I'm thankful to work with someone who can make up his mind pretty quick!  Hopefully I'll hear back soon.

I also dropped off one of my dresses to be altered by a friend who sews.  I'm hoping she can add sleeves to the sleeveless dress I bought for the photo shoot in 3 1/2 weeks.  It's very beautiful and I can't wait to wear it, but a dress without sleeves for Christmas didn't make sense.  Plus, I feel really uncomfortable without sleeves on.  Guess I need to keep up my workouts at the gym.  But until then, we are adding sleeves....as long as she can find material to match the dress.  I know, that's risky.  Trusting that we can make it work.

I had lunch with my Mother and then took her to the doctor.  The Home has decided to raise her level of care from 3 to 4.  We hope this will help prevent her from falling so much and will give her more quality of life.  She continually wishes she could die and go to heaven.  It's part of every conversation I have with her now.  If she would die, that would be a really big alteration to my life.  For now, I'm glad it's just a dress we are adjusting.

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