Thursday, May 30, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 111 Stacks of Vocals

I spent the morning in my studio correcting some things my producer suggested I change after hearing the vocals I did for him the other day.  When the band recorded one of my songs, they played it with a different rhythm than I originally had in my demo.  Because of that, I changed the way I sang it, but my producer wanted me to keep singing the song the way I did before.  I sent the corrected version back to him this morning.  Waiting to hear if he likes this better.

I also re-did some vocals on another song because there were a few spots that weren't quite right.  It's the Enya style song and if one or two of my s's or t's aren't together, it shows up pretty quick.  I don't know exactly how Enya does her 'stacked' vocals, but from what I read, they just keep working with a song until they get what they want and they might not know until after they've tried a few things which works best.  Apparently one of her songs has 90 vocal tracks.

I started with 32 tracks and decided since I have the studio, equipment and time (though that's so limited these days) I could experiment with as many takes as I want.  So I doubled it and sang the whole song 64 times.  You really have to tune into yourself when you do this.  If you vary your tone too much or use vibrato from one take to the next, it gets real sticky and you can't keep singing more and more takes without trouble.

The first time I heard a recording of Enya, I stopped what I was doing and went searching for who this amazing artist was.  I am so excited to have finally written a song in this genre.  I'm learning a lot as I work on this particular song.  I can't wait to hear what TN does with it!

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