Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Relationship Versus Religion

I struggle sometimes.  Caught between religion and relationship.

At church over the weekend, my Pastor shared an amazing message about this very thing.

His points were worth sharing:

*  Religion seeks to replace the work of the Holy Spirit with our performance

*  Religion makes you miserable and mechanical
*  Religion will get you racking up points and keeping score

Religion is:

*  Trying to earn what is already ours
*  Trying to manufacture what only God can produce
*  Striving FOR acceptance instead of living FROM acceptance

Religion =

1)  You become performance focused or performance based
2)  You become competitive with someone else and do a lot of comparison with others in general
3)  You become a fault finder and critical
4)  You become defensive
5)  You live with an unresolved sense of guilt because you base your relationship with God on what you DO instead of   what Jesus did FOR you.

Trade in every 'religious' act for His love.
Trade in criticism for prayer.