Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Solo Piano CD is released: "Windy Hill Road"

Windy Hill Road CD is finally here!

Many times I have walked a road called "Windy Hill Road" as part of my exercise routine.  Though it is a winding road with a steep hill, the view at the top is worth the climb.  I can see the PA mountains when I get to the top.

I am often inspired by nature and find refreshment in being a part of it as much as possible.  

This solo piano project is a compilation of songs that I have created over the years, most of them in 2010.  

I was challenged by a book I read to try and write what I see and hear. 

One morning, I came back from my walk especially inspired by the birds singing.  I sat down at the piano and began to try to play my reaction to the beautiful sound of their songs.  Out of that came one of my favorites on this project:  "Bird Song".

Another morning, in the dreariness of winter, on Windy Hill Road, I began to compose the song "Snow" as an expression of my longing for a blanket of comforting white to cover the gray tones of winter.

A couple of the tunes such as "Tumbleweed" were composed as I viewed aerial images of the southwest captured by my brave brother who flies a small aircraft and takes photos at the same time.

"Simplicity" came about while studying the life of King David.  I had been asking the Lord for keys to the success David had when it came to his faith as a shepherd boy and I kept sensing the word simplicity.   I'm still not sure what all that means, but I enjoyed creating a tune that expresses that characteristic.

"The Pruning" comes from pruning my lilac bush in our backyard.  It must be painful to be pruned, but the end results are worth it.  So it is in my own life.  I don't like pruning, but I do want the results of it.

And so you have highlights from the story of this CD project.  Once again, thanks for supporting my music!   May it bring you peace on your road through life.

To purchase the new CD, click on the link below.  To purchase it at a cheaper price, go to my website and sign up for my e-mails and get it for less. (Discount offer good only through November 30, 2011).

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