Saturday, April 9, 2016

On my Way to 50 and Loving it!

Recently I posted a blog about turning 50: "50 Things to Trash Before Turning 50". I decided to start getting rid of stuff before my birthday. Just another two weeks and I'll be turning the big 50 and I just threw away item # 25 and it sure feels good. I challenged others to do the same thing and a friend told me she's getting rid of 70 things before May - when she turns 70. I love it! That's what I'm talking about.

Some things are very hard to let go of - like my yellow dress. It's more than a dress. It was a measuring stick for my self-esteem and letting go of it is very significant. I'll be blogging about that soon. But there are things that are very easy to let go of so it's fun to see the list of things grow as I let go and grow with it.

50th wedding anniversary present given to my grandparents in 1966.
Today I found this relic from days gone by and I decided to keep it (for now) to help bring in my new year. It's a candle holder that my grandparents were given on their 50th wedding anniversary in May of 1966. I would have been 1 month old at the time of their party.

I was named after my grandmother, Frances Wingert Sollenberger.

When I look at their anniversary memento, I remember them and think about how much life they had already experienced by the time I was born.

Avery and Frances Sollenberger with children Chester and Bertha (my mother).
Then I think about the life I've lived and how I want to live after I turn 50. As I take an inventory of things inside and out I open up my life for new days, new things and new experiences. I can hardly wait!

I'm making space for a new season and welcoming new possibilities!

Are you throwing things away yet?