"Life is better when you're Preferred. 
Here's a peek at all the perks you'll enjoy..."

But I'm thinking about a different silver these days. Hair color.

I think it's great when USAirways offers silver as a preferred status. I think it’s sad when athletes think they are less than because they won silver. 

But for years I have been coloring my hair to hide the gray that started in my early 30's, so I wonder if I'm no different than the Erik who doesn't think much of his silver medal.

What does this have to do with living on the edge? Glad you asked.

I'm noticing some subtle changes as I have stepped out on the ice and started forging a new path. I'm getting bold in other areas of my life. One of the biggest indicators that I am changing is reflected in how I view my gray hair that needs colored. 

I recently thought that I'd like to quit the whole "have to look young" pressure thing. I almost gasped in amazement that I would even entertain a thought like that.

I'm an artist who stands in front of people on stage and presents life through songs and stories. I feel the pressure to look young and 'hip'. I mean, what if people don't want to book an 'older' looking singer?

I live in a country that idolizes youth and takes drastic measures to get rid of wrinkles, gray and any other supposedly disgusting things that reflect that we really are what we are.......aging.

Living on the edge just might mean that I try the "Silver Preferred" status when it comes to my hair. I keep coloring it to defy the fact that I'm aging. But I'm feeling so free and full on the inside these days as I contemplate the edge of life and feel like another big step for me would be to embrace silver.

How about it ladies? Want to join me? 

What if we embraced the aging process, let go of having to cover those grays and rejoiced that we are coming of age and learning who we really can be and having a blast doing it?

More and more I am admiring women who have let their hair go gray. As a friend of mine recently said when someone pointed out her gray hair, "I've earned every one of them!".

Don't be surprised if you see me preferring silver.