Friday, April 30, 2010

Every Word of God Is True

Good morning!

Prov. 30:5 really stuck out to me this morning as I was reading.  "Every Word of God proves true.  He defends all who come to him for protection."   

We cannot base our faith on our experiences, as powerful as they may be.  That sometimes has been my problem I think.  When I have wonderful experiences, my faith is strong and I can conquer anything, but when my prayers seem unanswered and even unheard, I am not very strong. 

That's why our faith must be based on the Word of God - not our experiences.  His Word is true and it will not return void but it will accomplish what he sends it out to do.  We MUST believe and live a life of faith based only on His word.

Take a listen to the song based on this scripture for my devotional notes today.

Listen to "Every Word Of God Is True"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Planning my own birthday party

Just getting back this morning to working on 'devotional notes' this week.  I had a different kind of a week.

My birthday was on Monday, April 26th and I tried something different for once.  I planned my own birthday party.  Yes, I really did!  It all started because I've been dreading aging since I turned 40 and I used to really anticipate my birthdays.  I decided to try planning something I'd really look forward to and it worked!  I had such a wonderful time and barely even noticed that I turned a year older.

It felt really awkward at first and somedays I found myself saying "what on earth have I done".   Other days I was excited about getting together with the friends I invited.

As the day grew closer, I was pretty much excited and less nervous.  My sister came down just for my birthday party (from Canada) and it turned out to be an incredible experience in so many ways.  Maybe I'll try having another party next year and invite ALL my friends.....I'd have to start saving now though.

This morning I decided to do something I know as opposed to writing something fresh.  Sometimes we need that in our devotions.  Start with something known and venture out into something unknown.

I think you'll recognize this tune - enjoy!

Listen to "Praise To The Lord"