Friday, July 19, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 121 Take Another Look

This morning my 'in-box' contained another Christmas song.   Oh boy!!!!

"Take Another Look" has now gone from solo piano to oboe, harp, strings, cymbals and I think I even hear some synth in there.  It's absolutely beautiful!  The lead vocals are already done so now we can put it all together. 

The song is all about giving things another chance.  Don't make judgements based on one look alone.  Take another look.  Stop and ponder.

Yesterday I did this with my Mother.  I finally had a day to give to her and it was a great day.  We went for a long walk (long for her) and visited the gardens at the home where she is a resident.

Gardening used to be so therapeutic for her.  Now she's not even allowed to go outside to walk (unless I go with her.) Medicare rules I guess.  (Not that she always listens).

We sat and pondered the garden for a long time and talked about days gone by when she would make me special breakfast foods fresh from the garden. 

It was good for both of us to stop and take another look.

After a long stay at the eye Dr.'s office for another eye injection, we stopped and had lunch together.  THIS was our dessert. 
Go ahead.....Take Another Look!!!