Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Day of Delight

Recently, I was given an assignment to write out my life values.  Part of the assignment includes creating "a day of delight" - at least on paper.  Apparently, out of this planning emerges things that really matter to us and help us understand how we are wired and what it is we value.

It's been a soul-searching process and sometimes rather challenging, but I love doing things like this so it's been interesting.  The images below help to express what I have tried to write in longer form on paper.  Oh - and by the way, it must be a day void of "ought and should".  No obligation or boundaries.  Just pure delight.

It's been so transforming I thought I'd put it in my blog and share it with you.  I would encourage you to do the same.  Start by doing these two things:

1.  Write out what a day of delight would consist of.
2.  Locate images of it and create a book or collage.

Finding photos takes everything to another level because you begin to quickly identify things you like and don't like.

Do you like winter or summer?
Do you like floral or plaid?
Do you want the bed you take a nap in to be covered with soft blankets and pastel colors or do you want a room that is rustic with bold and bright colors?
Would you eat lunch at the beach or in a log cabin?  Alone or with a friend?
Would the car you drive be an old classic or a new sports car?
Maybe you'd rather walk.
Would it be a path in the park or in the Rockies?

I think you get the idea.  The point is to do it.

So here's the synopsis of what my day of delight would be. When you finish gazing at my day, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

If you try this exercise, I'd like to know what you experienced!

Rise with the sun at 5:00 a.m.
Head out into the snow to go ice skating on a lake that meanders through the woods.
Ice skate until 7:30 a.m.
Enjoy skating to music from the sky...a large sound system blaring across the atmosphere.
Work with a coach who would teach me to skate to the music.
Head home.
Hair/makeup artist/image consultant gets me ready for the day.
My English butler serves me breakfast on the the sun.
Spinach and feta cheese omelette with english muffin, bacon fried crispy and fresh squeezed orange juice.
Coffee with cream and sugar.
Prayer, meditation and quiet in one of my favorite spots...outside.
Head over to my studio to begin creating music.
It's all glass so that I can enjoy the outdoors inside.
Enjoy my room where dictionary, thesaurus and all writing tools are right at my fingertips....
...and are activated simply by my voice.
Song ideas are stored for future use automatically.
Next I sit down at the grand piano and create luscious melodies for proposal in marriage to the lyrics.
While I'm writing, I watch the snowfall outside and enjoy the wildlife loitering.
(On this day of delight, the weather changes randomly and at my command.)
Of course, my cat and dog are nestled together right beside me.
Time for coffee break, with chocolate served by my English butler.
No bad calories on this delightful day.
A brisk walk in the snow would invigorate and clear my mind for more creative work.
(Not meant for physical exercise this time, just for clarity and inspiration.)
Personal songwriting coaching session and music lesson...
anything to challenge my brain and creativity following my brisk walk.
Healthy lunch by the ocean, served by my beloved butler.
I don't have to make the lunch or do the dishes.
I just sit and enjoy the view.
Time to nap...
with my cat.
His Royal Highness awaits.
Head to the local cafe to write my blog, perhaps meet a friend.
Nice to get out for a few hours.
Time for some natural soul therapy.
Work in my gardens.
Enjoy the sound of water and birds.
Pulling weeds somehow cleanses my inner soul.
Sweet tea coming right up.
Fresh brew from my garden...
by my butler, of course!
Tom and I prepare to head out on our motorcycles.
A leisurely ride to dinner.
Yes, I'm driving my own.

We arrive just in time for a very special dinner at our favorite place.

After dinner, we dance.
Amazing how easily we changed from our leathers into fine clothes.

We hop on our motorcycles and stop for ice cream at our favorite spot,
joined by our friends.

We take the long way home, through the fall foliage,
watching for deer.

When we arrive home, we sit by the fire and enjoy sharing tales of our day.

The end of this perfect day of delight finds us surrounded by those that we love.

Yes - I meant the animals who inhabit our lovely country farm...
in Franklin, Tennessee.