Thursday, March 18, 2010

The cup or the coffee?

Last night my husband served us our snack.  How nice!

Only one problem.  He didn't bring me my drink in one of my favorite mugs.  He brought the old chipped one that I keep for him to use out in his welding shop where it can get beaten, bruised, greased and chipped and it doesn't matter.

I have a few of my favorites and I was quite disappointed when he didn't bring one of those.  I bit my tongue.  I did't want to dampen his servant heart.  It's what's in the cup that matters anyway isn't it?

I have a bright flowered mug that is ugly, but I love it because it represents an argument I had with a friend when she wanted to 'buy' my CDs and I wanted to 'give' them to her.  So she went and bought a mug of flowers for me instead.

I have another favorite that is bright red and has a cat on it.  My sister gave me that one.  Say no more.

The next one has two pigs on it and is a gift I bought for my husband because he was a pig farmer and loves baby pigs.

Then there's the great big one for the really tough days.  It was a Christmas gift from a friend, complete with cocoa mix to go with it.  It has frosty the snowman on it and works in all seasons.

I partook of my cup that he gave me without complaining.  Even though there's a chip in it, irremovable grease stains on the bottom (from the shop) and a big ugly blue logo that says Discmakers on the outside. Reminds me of the company I used to use to manufacture my CDs.  It reminds me of work.  I want to rest while I sip my drink not think about work.

I knew I could pour a meaningful application out of this if I just brewed on it long enough.

Sure enough - "man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart."  Too often I've been turned off by someone just because of how they looked.  I totally missed the inside of them and misjudged them by their cover or 'cup' in this case.

Sorry Lord.