Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inside and Outside Edges

There is a language specific to figure skating.  I'm not only learning how to DO it, but how to understand the lingo too.

I am learning about inside and outside edges.  Not only do I have to learn a lot of fancy footwork, but I have to learn how to do it going forward, backward, left, right and now.....on the inside and outside edges.  Oh boy.

Leading worship in Klamath Falls, Oregon
But I've been thinking (another oh boy).  There is something deeper to this than just my skate blades. It has to do with my life.

I was sitting in the Denver, CO airport a week ago, coming home from a conference in Klamath Falls, OR where I was in charge of the music.  As I reflected on my experience, it was glorious in so many ways.  But probably one of the most amazing parts of the experience was feeling a new freedom at the piano and on the stage as I spoke to the ladies gathered.  The first night after I lead worship, I sat down in my seat and realized that something about me has changed and I must contribute it to ice skating, in part.

Now it's not that I think everyone should learn to figure skate.  But here's the thing.  I have been paying more and more attention to my 'inside edges' these past few years.

The inside things.

Like what kind of message is my heart trying to send to my brain?  It's been a rough couple of years and in a desperate need to change how I think, I've started paying more attention to my heart.

My heart has whispered to me over the years a reminder of the childhood love of skating and that I should consider returning it.  So I am.

But learning to skate has been about way more than just the ice.  I'm discovering new freedom and it's showing up in 'outside' when I do a concert or lead worship.  I don't know for sure, but I'm sensing it has to do with the fact that it allows me to freely move my body in a type of dance.

Whether dancing was truly not allowed or I just perceived it that way, I lived my life based on my perception of what was not allowed.  It has resulted in feeling inhibited on stage and a bit on the shy side.  Now that I'm skating, I feel allowed to dance, to move, to express myself physically and it is making me feel free all over.

So here is what I think....though I'm not a theologian, philosopher or expert in things of the heart, I can tell you that when you start paying attention to the whispers of your heart, it WILL begin showing up on the outside.

How does this apply to you?  Let me ask you a few questions....

1. Are you curious about something but have never felt free to investigate that curiosity?  (What would it be like to take that art class or go back to school?)

2. Were there things you wanted to do as a kid but were not permitted to for any variety of reasons?
  • illness
  • we don't have the money for that
  • you want to do what?
  • no child of mine is going to ________ 
  • too much work to be done, no time for frivolity
3.  What kind of activities cause you to lose all sense of time?  (when I'm in the studio working on music, I feel like time moves so much more quickly).

These can all be indicators of something you should look into and consider.  There is something powerful about the transformation that takes place on the outside edge when we pay attention to the inside edge!