Saturday, February 20, 2016

Too Gray or not too Gray??

Here are a few responses I thought worth noting from last week's blog post "Should I Keep My Gray Hair?" 

Various age groups are represented here, and I appreciate each perspective.

1) "Hair and clothes are window dressing and can invite or turn away."

2) "Since you asked our opinions, ultimately whatever you decide is fine with me and it’s your decision, but I think you should cover the grey. Here’s why: Not because I don’t think you look beautiful with the grey, because when I see you, your wonderful self sparkles through all that and I don’t even notice the grey. But I agree with your producer/publicist that it may, probably will, hinder your career.

Unfortunately, people are (and we all are to some extent) affected by looks, youthfulness, the whole shh-bang. And when you have a “still” image as in a photo, what you see is what you see. Your life and inner beauty and sparkle don’t come through as much in a photo as they do in person. So the grey becomes more obvious even may stand out disproportionately, especially to someone who doesn’t know you."

3) "As far as authenticity, in this day and age I can’t imagine anyone thinking you’re in-genuine just because you cover a few grey hairs."

4) "To be fair, some performance contracts obligate coloring of hair, both for men and women if they have grey. There is a certain "look" that is better received, a certain polished makeup style, poise etc that is expected. I think your grey hair is nice grey; I don't really notice it because it blends in. Some young artists color their hair grey, Sarah Brightman a few years back did; some others as well. But I still think it is easier to promote yourself with non-grey hair."

5) "Just because you asked, I vote to keep the gray. "Gray hair is a crown of spender; obtained by living a righteous life." In my opinion, there are few people who have been so appropriately coronated. Wear your crown with honor. It is evidence of a long, blessed life."

6) "I love my gray hair. It looks like silver jewelry to me and every time I see it think about the years of life and love it took to make them gray. I'm almost 50 and have loved older, wiser women since I was in my 20's. Our culture's obsession with looking youthful instead of being healthy and wise is damaging. We've lost the love and honor that wells up in our heart when we see deep lines and white hair. We should say to ourselves..."Wow, there is a lifetime of love and perseverance in those lines." I am a fan of gray."

I've made my decision. 

My photo shoot in March will unveil the "Brand New Me."