Friday, March 21, 2014

The Cycle of The Edge

  1.  My coach has a vision for what I can do.
  2.  He shows me the first step toward accomplishing it. (I record it so I can study it).
  3.  I try to do what he shows me.
  4.  I fail and feel like a klutz.
  5.  He shows me again.
  6.  I try again and fail.
  7.  He shows me why I'm failing.
  8.  I adjust and keep trying.
  9.  Next day, I keep trying.
10.  Next day, I keep trying.
11.  Next day I start to get it.
12.  I start to get it and then fall and hurt myself.
13.  Next day more improvement, though I'm sore from the day before with complimentary bruises.
14.  He shows me the next step.
15.  The cycle starts all over again.

Little by little it starts coming together. Every step I learn helps build a foundation for the next step and soon I have improved on the very first step he gave me in the beginning.  As I begin to master each step, everything improves.

And so that's how it goes in the cycle the edge.

I want to be changed on the inside by renewing my mind because that's the only way I can change.  The Spirit tells me that I can be transformed by renewing my mind. Rom. 12:2

1.  I sense His vision of change for me.
2.  I study how to do it.
3.  He shows me a negative thought that I continually entertain.  ("God doesn't really love me")
4.  I ask Him to help me change it.
5.  He gives me a new thought to think in its place.  (God loves the world, God is love, etc.)
6.  I start to say the new thought out loud. (Thank You for loving me, You are love, I receive Your love)
7.  When left to my natural tendencies, the old thought persists.  (Nah....He doesn't love you..see how awful you feel?)
8.  I keep fighting it and replacing it with the new thought.  (Yes He does, God loves the world, God is love, etc.)
9.  Transformation begins.

This process will probably take as long as learning to skate.  But it will be worth it.

And so that's how it goes in the cycle of the edge.

For more information on changing your thoughts, I recommend this book.