Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Truly free"

City life has come to my little town of Newville.
Well, almost.  If you consider a Sheetz store the city. It's close enough for this small-town girl.
The moment I knew Sheetz was really coming to town (not Santa Claus) I began pondering the reasons I'd be thankful.  But one word sums it up: CONVENIENCE. 

You just have to know Newville, that's all I'll say.  
Coffee to go, gas pumps that are easily accessible and a new place to meet more people.  
I was like a kid just thinking about it.  
But the best part was a surprise to me.  I didn't know that I'd receive a "FREE" card in the mail.  These days, it seems like there's usually a catch to anything free.  
But sure enough, I was able to have free coffee for 30 days if I just showed my little card.  My husband said they were deceiving me, but I wasn't deceived!

I knew that I was getting a free coffee for 30 days and I knew that when I was done with 30 days, I'd wish for more, but be disciplined enough to say no.
I've had such a great time with this.  I rarely afford myself little luxuries like that, but I decided to step up to the counter and live differently for a month and I loved every free cup I got.  
Lots of chocolate creamers, sugar and white milk, some hot water and oh yeah, a little bit of coffee.  I even started doing the extra large.
You see, it's a visual of what's been happening on the inside of me these days.  I'm finding out how free God's love really is and I've been stepping up to the counter and asking for more.
Somehow I've easily given in to thinking that I must be perfect, be holy, be everything good I can be for God to love me.  As I've encountered the inability to live perfectly later in life, I've had to dig deep.  My well offers very little!
I used the free coffees as a way to practice receiving something for free. Truly free.  That's the idea of Christmas gifts isn't it?  No strings attached.  A gift, given in love, to be received that way.
Yes Sheetz - as your big trucks display "Feel the love" - I felt your love for 30 days.   
I'm learning to feel the love God has for me too.  I pray the same for you.   It's offered freely and deeply.  You just need to step up to the counter and receive it.