Friday, May 24, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day 108 Shopping

Yesterday I spent 3 hours with an image consultant here in Nashville who helps you identify the styles you like, what you wear well, what you don't like about your body, and how to prepare for a photo shoot. Ruffles, sparkles, flare, twirls...that's me. Glad to leave the jeans out of this one!

This isn't my first time to work with an image consultant so it felt a little bit easier than my first time. I never feel so self-conscious than when I am going to meet an image consultant for the first time. But she was easygoing and very pleasant to work with. I knew I was in good company when she changed from her high heels to sandals when we went shopping so her feet would be comfortable. It's so nice to have someone hand you stuff to try on and go get other sizes or outfits. I could just stand in the dressing room and wait for more clothes to model! Felt like a princess.

In a very short period of time, we had 3 outfits picked out for my upcoming photo shoot in June. We talked some about the show and what I should maybe consider wearing for that. She encouraged me to wear something different for the show than for the publicity shots. Interesting tidbits to learn about how industry folks think about these things.

We are going for a more elegant look for this project because of the nature of the music. Of course, I have always preferred elegance over casual, though I've learned to be casual. Can't really wear long gowns on motorcycle rides. At least it isn't practical!

Today we head to the Creative Soul Records conference at WORD. I'll get to see my producer and connect with other artists out there doing what I do. That in itself is always helpful.

Better go get dressed for the day!

Monday, May 20, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 107 Catching Up

I am still here.

Still planning.

Still breathing.

Still eating an elephant.....but trying to catch up.

I have added two more adventures to my life which now take up more of the little amount of time left that I had to spare.  One of them I chose to say yes to, the other I needed to say yes to by nature of my job.

Monday nights I am leading a group of women at my church on a journey of trying to become more healthy in every aspect of our lives.  I have felt compelled for a long time to lead this, but resisted it because of my busy life. Tonight is our third meeting and it's already proving productive!  Maybe I'll write more about that later.  

Another added element to my schedule is a Thursday night music rehearsal for a new service style we started in May at my church.

Last week I attended a National Worship Leader Conference in Lancaster, PA for a couple of days and it was inspiring, but again, took up a big chunk of my time.  As I sat and listened to amazing music with incredible sound and lighting systems, I was reminded of the grandness (is that a word?) of what I am endeavoring to do with a show.  I am seriously pondering the scope of this venture.  I was especially blessed by a musician who simply sat at a keyboard and led us in worship that made me cry.  It certainly doesn't take all the pizzaz to move someone!  I enjoyed another group with lots of bells and whistles.  Both were inspiring.

In the meantime, last Thursday afternoon we recorded two more of my songs with a band in Nashville (I was there via headphones and texting).  Friday and Saturday I spent most of the day rehearsing songs for a previously scheduled vocal recording session in TN coming up this Thursday.

This week, I am heading to TN Wednesday afternoon for a "Get Busy" conference hosted by WORD and Creative Soul Records - the record label doing my Christmas CD.  I have to laugh at the irony of the title of this conference.  I really don't need anything more in my life, but I do believe what they are offering could be of great help to me on this journey.  Part of it will be focusing on using social media and that's something that I struggle with.  Plus, it's a good way to connect with other artists like myself and start building a relationship with WORD Entertainment Group.

The vocal session is now on hold as we are contemplating the possibility of using my very own studio to record vocals.  It all came about because I sent my producer a sample of what I was working on for the song we were to record this week.  He was so impressed by the work I had done here, that we are now talking about doing them all here.  That would be amazing if it works out.  Though I was really looking forward to working at Phil Naish's studio, I love the idea of having all the time I want to experiment with every single word and note and deliver it exactly as I want it to be without time limitation such as I would have if I do them in Nashville.

Thursday afternoon I'm scheduled to meet with an image consultant to shop for a wardrobe for the photo shoot coming up in June.

So as you can see (or read) I am still working away at the elephant, but I have had to be picky about how I spend my time.  Blogging about what I'm doing had to take a back seat for a week or so.

I hope to start back up with it this week.  Thanks to those who have asked about it.   That tells me that folks are truly reading and interested and that is really special!

My sister is in town right now helping to see that my Mother gets some special care after her recent falls.  She is still not recovering as we would hope and complains of lots of pain.  It is a relief to have someone else caring for her for a few days.  No one cares for family quite like family.  I'm so thankful for siblings that share this road with me.