Thursday, July 30, 2020

We're in This Together?

Recently, I was waiting in line (face mask in place) at the Newville post office when I happened to glance over at a sign on the bulletin board: "We're in this together." I sighed. The small print on the sign indicated they were calling for people to donate blood, but my thoughts were running in a different vein. 

Are we REALLY in this together? I've said that exact phrase on my daily Hit Pause Facebook LIVE sessions in the past hoping to encourage listeners (and myself)!

Back in March when we first went into lockdown it was a comforting thought. I've stopped saying it because I'm weary of being "in this" and it doesn't always feel like we're together right now—in the "United" States of America. 

My meditative state was interrupted when the postmaster came out into the lobby wearing his mask as he sanitized the door handles with some kind of spray. We exchanged a friendly, "hello." I know they are stressed these days. Soon their hours will be cut back in spite of the fact that they are as busy NOW as they normally are at Christmas. Yet the employees always treat me with kindness. 

I'm there frequently these days as a result of moving my performances online. People are helping me to make it through this season by purchasing my music. I am SO blessed by the support. Though it's been a big adjustment to not perform out in public, I'm finding that I'm beginning to enjoy connecting with people all over the world and right here in my hometown in unusual ways.

The other frequent thing I'm doing these days is riding my bicycle around our country roads. It's helping me stay sane. As I pedal around, I've been getting to know my neighbors better. I've been enjoying the view of their gardens, crops and livestock.  I even stop to chat sometimes—with people and animals. I've picked berries, dangled my feet in the spring, talked to the sheep, and played my accordion by the stream. 

After the casual greeting with the postmaster that day, I said, "That sign says we're all in this together and I was thinking that maybe since we're IN this together, maybe we could get OUT of it together."  We both laughed as he replied, "That would be really nice."  

This week, I took a different route for my daily bike ride and discovered a field of "snowflakes". I stopped to take a few pictures. Between the snowflakes and the sign at the post office, I decided this little mantra was worth sharing with you.