Friday, February 19, 2010

What is a Podcast?

"The podcasting movement is actually a spin-off of another communications boom: personal Weblogs, commonly referred to as blogs."

Podcasting allows you to listen to stuff you want to hear, whenever and wherever you want.  Podcasts are transferred via the internet.  In their most simple form, they are a 'radio show' that is available whenever you choose to listen.

To listen to one, you need:
  1. A computer
  2. A power supply
  3. An Internet connection
  4. An aggregator/podcatching client to subscribe and automatically download the audio content. (such as iTunes).
  5. An mp3 player on the computer for listening at home or a portable MP3 player for the road.
There are 2 ways to listen to my podcast, "Inside Things":

1)  Just click the play button in the media player at the top of this blog to listen.
2) Subscribe to it from iTunes by going to the iTunes store and typing in my name "Frances Drost" in the search box.  Listed under my albums will be the podcast.  If you subscribe through iTunes, you can store the episodes in an iTunes playlist under "podcasts"and listen to it whenever you choose.  

There are many educational and just plain interesting podcasts out there, so take a look around what's available under the podcast menu in iTunes.  

While you're there, please rate my podcast and write a review - this helps to give my podcast more exposure.