Friday, April 19, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 96 Four Days Away

I'm only four days away from reaching day ONE HUNDRED. Another milestone. I'm pondering what should happen on that day. It seems like a good day to make the final decision to commit to doing the show I've been blogging about and gathering information for.

A very important piece fell in place last night. It was the last big piece.

I met with someone who is very gifted at extracting the heart out of all my ideas floating around in my head and heart. He can distill into small phrases what takes me paragraphs to say. The meeting went very well and ended with the affirmative: "you need to do this show".

He began to have ideas for a creative video to advertise the show. That's the last piece I've needed. A way to present my idea to the world.

Today I spent the whole day listening through all the songs my producer has been sending me. They've been busy in Nashville! It takes a while to get used to the songs dressed up in their new sounds. Some are almost exactly what I put in my demo - the riffs and ideas are still there. By the end of the day, after recording new vocals with the new versions in my own studio, they fit like an old pair of jeans. We'll record the real vocals later.

My heart is stirred.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 95 The Rockies

As you probably noticed, I took a break from blogging (fasting, I guess you would say).  With a full schedule out in the Rockies of CO, and very poor internet connection in my room out there, it seemed like a good time to rest from everything else going on.

Five hundred women gathered at the YMCA of the Rockies for a weekend of food, snow, mountains, speakers and music.  I got to work with a mostly 'girl band' except for my favorite bass player (Craig) who I was able to take along from PA.  It was a weekend full of many rehearsals and sessions, but I did have time to hike the mountains - did it ever fill up my soul.  More highlights will come later.

I arrived home to relatives visiting for a few days.  Whew....what a busy week.

I also had another surprise when I sifted through my mail.  A check for $500.00 toward my christmas show idea was waiting for me.  That's enough to cover the deposit on the venue.  The journey continues.  THANK YOU!

I've been receiving christmas tunes all along this week from my producer.  Tomorrow I hope to have time to listen through them and give my feedback.  It's certainly beginning to sound a lot like Christmas.

Tonight I have a meeting with a very creative colleague who will be helping me sift through all my thoughts and begin to pull out the most important elements I want to happen in my show and in the advertisement of it.  It's just a small step, once again, but that's the way this whole thing is going to happen.

If it weren't for 'one bite at a time' I wouldn't even be this far.

The worship team for the women's' conference in the Rockies