Friday, May 14, 2010

What are you afraid of?

I just got back last night from visiting 4 radio stations in Ohio.  Visiting stations helps to build relationships between the artist and the radio programmers.

I love doing that and was sad to see it come to an end for this trip.

I had plenty of down time as I covered over 1,000 miles.  Normally I listen to music, podcasts, stories, radio, etc., but for the most part I craved quiet time, so I turned it all off for a good portion of the trip.

In those quiet moments I think I heard my Abba Father speak to me.  My next few blogs might focus on fleshing that out as I share what I think He said.

It seemed quite simple at the time, but I think it's a nugget that I must begin to pray over and search out.

King Saul wanted David to wear his armor when David went out to fight Goliath.  David tried it on, but it didn't fit right.  He was used to facing enemies and saw Goliath to be no different than the bear and the lion.

Sure - no problem - just walk right up to that bear and lion and snatch the little lamb from its jaws - no big deal!  I wish!  But David must have spent lots of time out in the fields alone with his God and his sheep.

Taking a little lamb from the jaws of a lion was no problem for him.  He had seen God work many times in the 'little' things (if you can call a lion little).  I'd prefer to start with taking a cricket from the jaws of my house cat.

All he had to do was apply the principles he learned in the field to the battle facing him now.  King Saul didn't see it that way.  But David stood his ground and said let me do this the way I've always done things before.

The Spirit of God began to speak to me about wearing someone else's armor.  Uh oh.

I'm not even sure what all this means yet, but I know this - I want to search out why Saul couldn't kill Goliath (technically he should have) and why David was so confident to fight Goliath with just a staff and a sling.

The first clue I've discovered this morning is that Saul seemed prone to fear of man and David was not. But that's another blog.

"What are you afraid of, who is holding you back?
Who are you trying to be like, do you wanna live like that?
Listen to the Spirit, listen to Him calling your name
He will bring direction, there's no need to strain

Put away their pressure, put away their armor
Do what He made you to do,
Rise up
and be the way He made you to be!"

Listen to the song "What Are You Afraid Of" here.