Monday, March 16, 2009

I love NY!

What an amazing trip to NY I had this weekend.   

Even though the toilet in the Albany, NY airport kept automatically flushing before I even had a chance to really lock the door and though it kept spraying me from across the stall and I ended up deserting it and deciding I could wait until I got to my hotel to use the bathroom, and even though my hairspray can (which I had in a plastic bag for protection) exploded in my suitcase and spotted a brand new outfit I intended to wear for the weekend, which my host so kindly took to the dry cleaners for me and learned that they couldn't easily get the spots out in the time we needed it, so her daughter ended up taking it home and working on it for me so I could have it Sunday, and even though I arrived home late Sunday night in Harrisburg safe and some-what sound, my luggage is still out there somewhere between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. But all in all, I had an AMAZING weekend.  

It was an incredible experience to lead 800 + women in worship.  They were such a responsive group and I was so touched by their worship.  Carol Kent moved me to tears, as she always does, with her incredible heart-wrenching story and how she has learned to choose hope and joy in spite of those circumstances.  

As far as we know at least 20 women gave their lives to Christ on Saturday and so many were specifically touched by God in a special way. 

I got to stay over for the Sunday morning services at the Loudonville Community Church and co-lead with their worship team (pictured above).  What a wonderful experience that was to finish off the weekend.  They have a great worship band with the basic rhythm section, but also a beautiful addition of flute and violin.

My heart is overwhelmed by the opportunities I have been given to share Him through music with people all over this country.   "I Love NY" as the T-shirts say.  : )

Oh, and by the way - I found a toilet in the Albany Airport on my way home that doesn't spray continuously.   Nice end to my trip!