Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Just relax. It's ok if you fall and hit your head."

My first introduction to "Sparkles" (my skating friend) was a shared interest in Mandisa's music.  When I recognized the song "Overcomer" that she was skating to, I asked her if she is a Mandisa fan.  "Yes", she said.  "Me too!", I said.

We became friends immediately.

From then on, she became my second coach.  She encourages me, tells me when I'm doing something wrong and chatters on about many things in her life.  I love skating with her.

She will probably provide most of the material for me in this blog because of her bold, child-like approach to 'coaching'.  I pay for lessons with a private coach, but she provides free lessons without knowing it.

She saw me trying the 3 turn one day and told me to "just relax.  It's ok if you fall and hit your head".

In her 10 year old mind, she's perfectly fine with hitting your head.  I'm 47 and not interested in hitting any part of my body, let alone my head.

But I love her attitude and I have been trying to adopt that "relaxed" attitude approach.  It's true, the more tense I get about what I'm learning, the more likely I am to hurt myself worse.  If I can learn to relax, my body will perform much better.

The scripture tells us not to worry or have any anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication to make our request known to our heavenly Father.  He will guard our hearts and minds with peace if we do this.

Sounds like another word from someone who knows what to do.....just relax.