Friday, July 26, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 123 Broadway or Pop?

Yesterday my producer asked me to send him a 'scratch vocal' of the latest song to be completed for the project.  It is the last song waiting to have the lead vocal done when I return in August to finish all the vocals.  Eager to work on it, I spent most of the afternoon yesterday recording my vocal ideas for the song and excitedly sent it over to him waiting for his reply.

This morning I got an email from him telling me it sounds too much like Broadway and he wants me to do it in 'pop' style.

Now I must confess, I appreciate the feedback - that's why I have a producer in the first place.  But, I grew up on classical music, never even saw "The Sound of Music" until I was in my late teens and that was at my Aunt's house in Oklahoma - far away from the watchful eye of my parents.  (Have I ever mentioned that we weren't allowed to see movies in the theaters either?).

I just haven't had exposure to music that many musicians typically have (except what was allowed in our house and it was a very short playlist, believe me).  I've spent many years just trying to catch up with musical styles, let alone learn the new ones that keep coming and still trying to settle in on who I am as an artist.  Not an easy task!!!!

I simply responded back to him by telling him that I will need help knowing what he means and what that sounds like when I record the vocal.  I'm sure Phil can help me with that.  It left me feeling a bit frustrated because I really like what I did and since I'm not sure what style it is, I don't know quite how to make it sound like something different.

Broadway or Pop.......another musical lesson I need to learn.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 122 The Jitters

I have the jitters.  Bells are ringing and I'm about to make a life-long commitment to my Christmas CD. I received the final two songs in my mail box this morning.  Christmas bells are ringing and I'm excited....with jitters.

I remember when Tom and I got the jitters before we got married.  I think it's probably normal.  You realize you're making a life-long commitment to someone.

As I now realize that the songs are pretty much completed instrumentally, that means we are nearing the marriage date of vocals, instruments, back up vocals and photo shoots.  It will be a glorious snapshot of my creative ideas I've had for years.  Oh yes, the music will still evolve and change when I do it in front of live audiences, but the printed CD will become final and that gives me the jitters.

That's ok.  It's all part of the process.  Can you hear the bells??

# 22 Chris Fabry Live interview

Hear an interview with Moody Radio Host Chris Fabry from 2009.  Get a glimpse into writing songs for children - something I have really enjoyed doing as an artist and how it inspired me to keep going.

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