Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Who Do You Think You Are" 6.29.10

Have you ever stepped out in faith regarding something you felt strongly about only to find a haunting question plaguing you every step of the way?   "Who do you think you are?"  

I think David must have heard that attitude when he stepped out to face Goliath.  They questioned his motives, his age and his ability.

What if we turn that question around to our nagging doubts....."Who do YOU think YOU are?

Listen to the song "Who Do You Think You Are" here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Destined For More" 6.28.10

If you're like me, you often get the feeling that you were destined for more than what you are experiencing.

I think it's the kind of feeling that actually keeps us going at times.  A certain restlessness that occurs right before we embark on a new opportunity.

I think perhaps we came built this way.  Always hungering for more.  That can be a downer if it comes to material things, but not when it comes to God and pursuing His Kingdom!  Hunger keeps us searching for Him in deeper ways.

Certainly King David felt that same sense of destiny in his heart.  It must have gripped him when he heard Goliath defy the name of the Lord and frighten the army of Israel.  They were stricken with fear!!!  He didn't like to see God's people feeling that way I bet.

David must have found the courage to fight Goliath because of the hope he had on the inside of him.  He believed God had plans for His own children I bet.

Today's song is an attempt to express my thoughts about David from yet another angle.  I believe we all carry this same sense that we too were destined for more.

Listen to the new song "Destined" here.