Thursday, July 11, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 120 A String of Lights

Christmas lights in July at the cabin across from mine at Camp Lamar.
Christmas in July. It's a common expression.

It's a reality for me, here at Lamar Lighthouse Camp.

The cabin across from me decided to hang a string of Christmas lights this week. The owners have all of my CD projects (bless their souls) and seem to be eagerly waiting for the Christmas CD to be done.

Sunday night I ended my concert here with my rendition of Joy to the World on the piano and received a standing ovation. I hardly knew what to do. This is the second time in a matter of weeks that I have ended my concert with that song and received a standing ovation. Guess I better start coming up with an encore.

Next day, as I was strolling across the campgrounds I heard a loud "Christmas in July" cheer and saw my dear fan hanging the lights. Perfect!

It is so symbolic of this Christmas journey. The plastic cord is the vision of the dream. The individual lights represent the people along the way who are lighting my path with their personal flashes of light. Eventually, I will have a complete string of lights to share with the world.

Here are a couple of examples of the way people are lighting my path with their lights:

Before landing in St. Louis, MO recently, I had begun to sense a stirring to start spending 5 minutes a day in prayer about this show.

Light # 1:

* a woman in St. Louis, MO took my card at the breakfast where I led worship and told me she was going to hang it on her fridge and begin praying for the vision of my show. She told me not to underestimate the power of this dream and to not limit God on this journey.

(Her encouragement to me caused me to realize I really needed to take this seriously and begin heeding the urge to pray daily about it)

Light # 2:

* I was riding in a shuttle from the Grand Rapids, MI airport later that same week and met a woman who is now having her book published because she obeyed her nudges. She sensed God nudging her to write her story. She complained to Him that she had a job, a husband and children. When would she ever find time to write her story? When He asked her "how about 5 a.m.", she said "yes", though I could tell that wasn't a great time for her. But she beamed with excitement at the results. When I heard the fruit of her perseverance, that sealed it for me. I was now sure (as sure as a human can be) that God is indeed nudging me to pray, so I have started doing that every day.

How can you be someone's light in their string of lights? You might just be one bulb, but when it all comes together, it will light someone's home and you will have been part of it!

I might hang lights this year with a whole new perspective!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day 119 Camping, Cabins and Coffee

St. Timothy's cabin where I am staying at Camp Lamar.
So here I am in Lockhaven, PA leading worship all week at Camp Lamar. I have a cabin all to myself this week and to be honest, though I brought lots of work with me to do during the day, I crashed most of the day on Monday. Maybe it was the rain on the roof, or the low clouds keeping the sun away and the temptation to just completely disengage from life, but I found myself sleeping most of the day.

I'm on a marathon of music for 14 gigs this month and I arrived at camp Sunday night a bit weary, missing my husband and wondering how I'm going to make it. Today I decided to go to my favorite coffee shop in LockHaven and get some work done. Staying in my cabin will only make me want to sleep more.

It's been a delightful experience. I chose a round table at the coffee shop and there was a gentleman already seated there. Soon others joined us and I found myself chatting with locals about motorcycles, life and sharing German chocolate fresh from Germany. I came with lots of work to do, but I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with people at Avenue 209 Coffee Shop.

I have been working on the Christmas project when I can. I listened to my vocals on the way up here on Sunday and though there are a few slight changes I'd like to make, overall, I am happy with the work I did a few weeks ago in TN.

I soon need to head back to camp for lunch. It's been nice to hang out in town and reconnect with the world. It's also been nice to disconnect in my little cabin and rejuvenate in time for the evening sessions at camp.
Avenue 209 Coffee Shop in LockHaven, PA