Thursday, October 1, 2009

Marching Music

What have you always been good at?
What needs do you care about most?
Who do you admire most?
What makes you feel most fulfilled?
What do you love to do most?
What have you felt called to do?
What do you most want to be remembered for?

We were standing on the Gettysburg battlefield watching a re-enactment of the little band that marched ahead of the soldiers in battle. Their uniforms looked a bit warm to me.....but our outfits weren't much better. We were on our motorcycles so we were wearing our leather jackets and chaps.

The drummers and pipers had specific pieces of music they were assigned to play for various events in the battle. I was especially interested in their breakfast call. (I like food).

They had all kinds of tunes for all kinds of orders and assignments. The last statement of the leader particularly caught my ear. "Soldiers march a little faster when there is music." As a musician I was inspired by this statement.

We have music at funerals, weddings, gyms, restaurants, parades, graduations and music at church where we gather to worship with our friends and family. Music can brighten any occasion!

Every soldier had their part in the battle. They were much more successful when everyone did their part. I am so happy to have the part of 'musician' in this life. If music helps us step a little faster, feel a bit more victorious and keep us attentive to our roles and assignments, than I am honored to be one of those that contributes in this way.

Finding your place is so crucial - especially in these times. An organization of any kind that does not have people functioning in their gifts will never reach its full potential.

Consider asking yourself this question - it's one that changed my life forever and got me on this road of music. "What is your place?"

I had to do a lot of soul searching and praying to find that answer, but when I did - it changed my path forever.

I'm so glad someone challenged me with that question. I hope that as a result, the 'soldiers' I serve among march a little easier and happier because I'm playing my role of musician.