Friday, October 25, 2013

"The Elephant Diet" Day # 143 One More Time

Tonight I sat and listened to the new Reference CD.  We needed to make some changes in the last Master CD.  I wasn't satisfied with the spacing between the songs on the CD.

It's a matter of 'feel'.  The person mastering the project chose certain amounts of timing between each song.  It's certainly subjective.  I decided to ask for a little bit more space between a few of them.  I like the dust to settle from the last song before we move on to the next.  It's something people probably never think about, but I do.  It's my project, why not ask for what I'd like, right?  

So they made the changes and sent me a new CD to approve.  In the meantime, my producer asked for one of the songs to be remixed.  Didn't feel the piano stood out enough.  And I requested a change in one of the songs.  A section (about 2 seconds long) that was starting to bother me.  My producer told me that no one is going to hear what I hear, but again, I decided that since I have paid for this project with blood, sweat, tears and money, I want it to be just the way I'd like it.  He graciously allowed me to state my preference.

So, we will wait a little bit longer until the 2 songs are remixed and a new ref CD will appear.  And I'll listen, one more time.

Good news: the front cover has been designed and agreed on.  When I get the green light, I'll let you see it.

# 25 Who needs money?

Listen in on an interview with a very special friend of Frances Drost.  Leslie McKee is a guest artist on this episode and you'll get to hear a song from her that was written by Phil Naish and Lowell Alexander.  Leslie's new song "What Love Looks Like" is featured on the new project "We Are Creative Soul" (Creative Soul Records) with 15 other artists, including "Nobody Sees" - the song featured on episode # 24 with an interivew of Grammy award-winner Phil Naish.

Between the music and the stories, you'll hear some giggles as they reveal some of the quirks of doing music.

Check out this episode!