Friday, January 13, 2012

A new look - A new year!

I recently saw a sign that made me smile. 

"Optimist:  The glass is half full
 Pessimist:  The glass is half empty
 Perfectionist:  There's a dishwasher spot on the glass"

I have to admit that I tend to see the glass half empty too many times, but when I saw the 3rd option, I had to confess that I fit that description too.  

Last week, a friend of mine added to that by saying "I can't even find the glass" and I laughed out loud.  THAT fits me too! 

Finding ways to look at things from a new perspective can be a challenging task, but I'm finding it is worth the effort. 

In this new year, I'm leaning more toward just continuing the changes I've been trying to make, instead of coming up with lots of resolutions.  It's a matter of taking inventory and keeping all the good habits and perspectives that are working!   Seems like a LOT less pressure.

Here's some things that are working toward a better look at life:

a)  a gratitude journal written at night before going to bed listing at least 5 things I'm grateful for that day. 
(It's been fun to look for things all day that I can write at night and gives me a more positive outlook through the day)

b)  quiet times with God in the morning and continuing my thoughts toward His Word ALL day

c)  LESS multi-tasking and MORE of doing only one thing at a time and relishing it as I do it....even if it's the dishes.  (You might think this is ridiculous but try it for a day!) Much less stress!

As you embrace a new year and leave the old behind, try taking inventory of what works and what doesn't in your own life and then leave out what's not working and you already have some good things going for need to burden yourself with lists of resolutions that fade by February.